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Quilt Author Meets Hallmark Christmas Movies

I just love it when two of my favorite things come together! Best-selling quilt author Marie Bostwick’s book, The Second Sister, is being filmed now as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie! Image of The Second Sister Book

The movie is titled, “Christmas Everlasting” and premieres November 24th at 7 p.m. central.

While I enjoy a number of  quilt-themed (and not) books and series, I’ve often referred to Marie as “My Favorite Author” – mostly because her witty comments and clever nicknames for her family members are endearing and inspiring. (I’ve often thought we could be best friends if we were neighbors, but in reality, I’m one of many fans who exchanges about two minutes of conversation with her once a year (if I’m lucky) at book signings.)Image of Signed Book

Of course, I love her books, even those not completely engrossed in the quilting themes and I read each one more than once! I suspect Christmas Everlasting will be another staple during the holiday season!

Click here to read here about her “on set” experience!  Image of Patti LaBelle and Marie Bostwick

How cool is it that she made quilted gifts for the actors? See more pics and posts on Marie’s Facebook page! (Yes, that is Patti LaBelle!)

Image of Marie and Actors with QuiltImage of Marie Bostwick and Tatyana AliHere’s a list of some of my faves by Marie Bostwick:

Standalone Books:

The Second Sister

The Promise Girls

            Just in Time

Cobbled Court Quilt Series:

A Single Thread

A Thread of Truth

A Thread So Thin

Threading the Needle

Ties That Bind

Apart at the Seams

Too Much, Texas Series:

Between Heaven and Texas

From Here to Home

Marie has also written three historical novels and three novellas in Fern Michaels Christmas Anthologies.

Mark your calendars and hit “record”!

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To market, to market to buy a fat…

…there are no fat quarters (or pigs) at market, but here is what you will find.

You might have known they don’t have fat quarters at market. I, on the other hand, had no idea. I just thought that when quilt market was this close to home, I had to go. I wanted to try to figure out how this enigma called the quilting industry worked.

So I got my credentials and signed up. My plan was to talk to book publishers, fabric manufacturers, and magazine publishers. I also signed up for a blogging lecture by the fabulous Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios). After downloading the market phone app and seeing the exhibitors list, I had 5 x 7 cards  of my designs printed up to hand out in an effort to catch the eye of industry reps. I rehearsed my “lines” on my drive up.

So I arrive, check in at the marvelous Magnolia Hotel (thanks, Merle), and made my way to the entrance.

With my buyer’s guide in hand, I stepped into the business side of quilting. And, I kid you not, I forgot my name…and couldn’t think of a single thing I was going to say! But I pushed through, made very awkward introductions to industry professionals and pretended to be more than I am.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you I was totally out of my league and painfully aware of it!

I was thankful to meet up with friendly faces from The Golden Needle for lunch before I continued my quest to conquer market. Then I was happy to meet The Hubs and DashTwo for a Cardinal game that night.

By day two I had betters bearings on why I was there, what I needed to accomplish, and how to go about it. It helped that I started the day with the blogging lecture where I got a boost in confidence because realized I wasn’t alone. There were others there -who were not shop-owners- also trying to connect the dots. So I just started talking to people in booths. I observed some “big (REALLY big) names” and listened to them lament that it took 20 or 30 years in the industry before their ideas really took off.

I learned there is not just one way to get the job done and that everyone there is taking a risk, especially the shop owners who are trying to out-guess their customers’ future buying whims. This is free enterprise at work. It is scary. And it is fun.

I found that most of the people there are very friendly, especially those who are newer in the industry and they are happy to tell their story and give advice. I just needed to be myself and tell them I was a newbie, just trying to figure this all out. One gal,  Kristyne Czepuryk (Pretty By Hand), who was debuting her first line of fabric, shared a lot about how she got started and gave me tips for how to start a fabric line. A gal in a booth nearby at Blackbird Designs gave me tips on book publishing. By Saturday afternoon, I decided to see if I could sign up for another of Ebony Love’s (Love Bug Studios) lectures and I was in luck. Just before close of the day, I ran into a friend/merchant that I see every year at the show in Paducah, Tina, of Turtlehand Fabrics and we had lots of fun talking about possible future  projects. I finished the night with Ebony’s lecture on independent publishing and the day was done.

It wasn’t my intention to return to market on Sunday, but I had a few more connections to make and several more questions I for which I needed answers. I was made more rounds and really enjoyed meeting people and learning from them. (I almost wish I’d kept my mouth shut the first two days, but you live and learn!) And if I could only tell you one thing about my trip to market is that I learned a LOT!

Now the work begins. Real life is waiting at home and outside of quilt market…it was a fun gig, but you know how it goes…

…home again, home again, jiggity jig.

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Raindrops on Roses

Here are my five favorites from AQS Paducah Quilt Show.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Quilting Favorites


These are a few of my favorite things:

There are definitely A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS at AQS Quiltweek, Paducah! Every year my friend, Nancy, and I meet more friends in Paducah and spend 3 1/2 days studying the works of art hanging in the show and, like the 20,000+ other quilters, we browse (and sometimes buy) the latest gadgets in the quilting industry–and a bit of fabric to boot. This year a few booths stood out to me and I’d like to mention them here–click on the name to learn more about each one.

Quilts of Valor are near and dear to my heart (stay tuned for a future post all about Quilts of Valor). Northcott Fabrics had a booth bringing attention to this special way to thank a veteran. Check out the Stars and Stripes Collection for your next Quilt of Valor!

My Favorite Author is almost always in attendance to sign books! Check out NYT bestselling author Marie Bostwick‘s newest book, The Promise Sisters. I’ve read her Cobbled Court Quilt novel series many times and love them, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with her latest book!

My Favorite Author and Me

Martelli Cutting Systems are WOW! Would I love to have the cutting table! It’s important to note that you need the mat AND the rulers AND the rotary for them to work. But a table the tilts toward you saves your back and shoulders when cutting strips or yardage. If you ever see their booth, STOP! It doesn’t hurt that they are located in Pensacola, FL! (See why I like that HERE.

The WOOL and COTTON COMBO are HOT! One thing that stood out in the vendor booths was the use of bright beautiful wools on  fun cotton quilts. “Dark” no longer describes wool projects! There were many vendors I could mention, but the one that caught my eye (and grabbed my money) was…Applique After Hours. Check out Angela’s designs and new book! I’m a softie for wool thread! YUM.

We always like to say “hi” to our English friends! They are a friendly shop in the Paducah area with great service and lots of smiles!

Raindrops Table Runner

We’ve certainly had our share of raindrops this year where I live, especially in this last week. My heart goes out to all of those dealing with the water and losses. You will continue to be in my prayers.

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