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It’ll Be Fun, They Said

Find out what happens when I join a quilt guild Round Robin challenge:

Let’s do a Round Robin! It’ll be fun…wait, that was ME saying that!

Now here I sit with the dreaded pizza box–which, by the way, makes me hungry for pizza every time I see it–and I have a feeling of dread.

What’s inside and why did I think this would be a good idea?

I’ve participated in a Round Robin before. You know how it goes, everyone starts with a certain size block and each block has borders added by a different quilter and at the next guild meeting the blocks with borders get passed on to the next quilter until you get a completed wall hanging quilt top made with your original block. It was lots of fun in 2008! So what’s the difference? Why am I so afraid of ruining each of my four other friend’s quilts?

Round Robin 2008 with Cindy Spaeth and Mary Lou Rutherford

Well, let’s see what’s different here? Nine years ago there were only three of us in our group. I didn’t know the other ladies too well, so maybe there was some safety in that.

I was fairly new in the guild. There it is…I was a newbie! I had no fear! I didn’t realize what could go wrong- I didn’t know all the “rules” and I certainly didn’t concern myself with design knowledge. If I liked it, I did it. That was it.  And even though I say I like to fight the establishment and throw the rules out the window, I do respect other people’s need for rules and order.

THAT’S what scares me! Can I do creative, yet disciplined work that will pass muster with these awesome quilters?

I guess that why they call it a challenge! Time will tell and you will know in about four months!

My block and fabric offerings for the Round Robin Challenge.

Stay tuned. In the meantime, I think I’ll call Dominoes.

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Raindrops on Roses

Here are my five favorites from AQS Paducah Quilt Show.

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…

Quilting Favorites


These are a few of my favorite things:

There are definitely A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGS at AQS Quiltweek, Paducah! Every year my friend, Nancy, and I meet more friends in Paducah and spend 3 1/2 days studying the works of art hanging in the show and, like the 20,000+ other quilters, we browse (and sometimes buy) the latest gadgets in the quilting industry–and a bit of fabric to boot. This year a few booths stood out to me and I’d like to mention them here–click on the name to learn more about each one.

Quilts of Valor are near and dear to my heart (stay tuned for a future post all about Quilts of Valor). Northcott Fabrics had a booth bringing attention to this special way to thank a veteran. Check out the Stars and Stripes Collection for your next Quilt of Valor!

My Favorite Author is almost always in attendance to sign books! Check out NYT bestselling author Marie Bostwick‘s newest book, The Promise Sisters. I’ve read her Cobbled Court Quilt novel series many times and love them, but I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with her latest book!

My Favorite Author and Me

Martelli Cutting Systems are WOW! Would I love to have the cutting table! It’s important to note that you need the mat AND the rulers AND the rotary for them to work. But a table the tilts toward you saves your back and shoulders when cutting strips or yardage. If you ever see their booth, STOP! It doesn’t hurt that they are located in Pensacola, FL! (See why I like that HERE.

The WOOL and COTTON COMBO are HOT! One thing that stood out in the vendor booths was the use of bright beautiful wools on  fun cotton quilts. “Dark” no longer describes wool projects! There were many vendors I could mention, but the one that caught my eye (and grabbed my money) was…Applique After Hours. Check out Angela’s designs and new book! I’m a softie for wool thread! YUM.

We always like to say “hi” to our English friends! They are a friendly shop in the Paducah area with great service and lots of smiles!

Raindrops Table Runner

We’ve certainly had our share of raindrops this year where I live, especially in this last week. My heart goes out to all of those dealing with the water and losses. You will continue to be in my prayers.

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Warning – Controversial Topic Ahead

See my late-winter bear quilt and vinyl project.

The picture you are about to see is likely to produce a strong reaction, for good or for bad–it seems to be a hot topic these days!

You may love it or you may not, but I think snow is magical and lovely and when it falls, I can’t help myself from twirling in it, watching it floating down from heaven.

Where I live, we haven’t had any significant snow this winter and certainly not the required Grass-Covering layer on which to spread out my quilts for a photo shoot!

This  “Let it snow” sign was made using a Brother Scan N Cut on a plaque from Michael’s . The shadow in the bottom corner is the top of my Singer treadle, which faces a north-facing window. When it snows, I sit at the treadle and piece together a scrappy tumbler quilt–which may take a decade to complete at this rate!

There’s another window I’d like to share with you:

Black Bear Jam

This is a McKenna Ryan design/kit I just had to have to commemorate the black bear visit we had in our yard last summer. Click on “It’s a Bear Out There” to see the scratches and markings we found (and bear paw quilt blocks). McKenna’s bear was lighter in color, so I darkened him with a piece of Stonehenge fabric so he’d look more like our buddy. He sported a santa hat by design which I changed out to my favorite color and edged it with the ribbed edge of a wool sweater I  inherited in my late mother-in-law’s fabric stash. I call it Black Bear Jam because we believe he was marking the area next to our crabapple tree. I made my bear-enthusiast neighbors a jar of Black Bear Jam for Christmas out of those crabapples.

Sew… BEAR with me (too many puns?): Let It SNOW!

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