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Quilts at the Beach

Location means everything! As you can see in these pics, Sally, Sandy, Fiona, and Bubbles were right at home on the beach!

We’ve lived in Pensacola, Florida – twice! The first time (as newlyweds), my husband was a student pilot and the second time, with two little ones, he was a flight instructor. When he left the full-time USMC life, we moved to Missouri – but we spent many vacations going back “home” to Pensacola (also home of the Blue Angels).

We had a wedding to attend in Baton Rouge, so we decided to grab a couple of beach days on the tail end of that trip. I debated whether I should even bother to take quilts along to photograph…I’m SO glad I DID!

Image of Sandy Quilt on Sand.
It’s Sandy on the beach. ūüôā
Image of Sally Quilt at Beach
Image of Fiona Quilt at Beach

It’s hard to spot another quilter at the beach, so when I met a gal on the walkway with a MSQS shirt, I had to speak to her – turns out she’s from Missouri, too and had just bought fabric from the pharmacy (now A & E Fabrics) to make some #usebothsides quilts! See my blog about her guild HERE: Inspired Quilters Inspire

Image of Karla and Cheryl, quilters at the beach.
Cheryl helped me take evening pics. Quilters are so nice!
Image of Bubbles on deck.

You might wonder how those quilts just seemed to hover in the air above the beach…You can see in this blooper: thanks to his quick reaction, my hubby saved Bubbles from a big one! I thought he hid quite well on that little beach chair behind the one-yard square quilts!

Image of blooper photo.

Patterns for each of these quilts (and about 24 more) are available HERE: my Etsy shop: Creative Bee Studios

Winter Quilts

I love nothing better than seeing quilts in nature! You’ve seen “Summer Quilting” (click HERE) to see quilts both poolside and on the beach), so I thought it’d be only fair to share some winter-themed quilts and a few with nature.

First up is a McKenna Ryan quilt pattern. I purchased the kit from Missouri Star Quilt Company several years ago – the year of the bear in our yard (Click HERE to read “It’s a Bear Out There” and see the markings). This bear was supposed to have a red cap and scarf, but I changed it up by using the wool from a sweater which was in my late mother-in-law’s stash. It makes the quilt more special for me and I feel I can keep the quilt on display throughout the winter.

Next is quilt is called Winter Blessings and was kit I purchased from Shabby Fabrics. It was so fast and easy to put together – I highly recommend their kits if that’s what you like. Everything was labeled and organized beautifully. It was kinda like a paint-by-number, only a lot more fun and waaaaay better outcome!

Image of Winter Quilt

The next photo shows just a bit of a quilt (with a Buttercup bomb) that I made long ago in my second-ever quilt class. It was supposed to be bed-size and I actually thought I would finish it my first day in class! I only got it to the throw-size stage (and not during that class), but it’s a favorite!

Here is my latest version of JOY Quilt Pattern. I used a Hoffman panel for the tree (front side) and gifts (reverse side) on a scrappy, snowy background. See all my patterns in my Etsy Shop HERE.

Image of JOY Quilt Hanging
JOY Quilt Pattern

Snow makes a lovely background for quilt photography.

Image of Bed Runner in Snow
Image of Quilt on Swing
This is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery Quilt called Grand Illusion.
Image of Water Colours Quilt in the snow.
Water Colours

Hope you are enjoying some warm stitching time during these short winter days.

Summer Quilting

Summer-themed quilts are one of my four favorite seasons to quilt!

I really don’t have anything against the other seasons…but summer is my absolute fave! Maybe it’s because I grew up camping and water-skiing all summer long, every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day then for two weeks at Table Rock Lake. My friend, Annette, and I would go from one dad to another to beg him to ski us until we wore one of them down. The memories I have of sliding across the lake water, singing “Summer Breeze” at the top of our lungs while we’d double-skied are unforgettable. We’d love to go first thing in the morning before any ski boats were out but the fishermen were well in their coves, when the water was as smooth as glass. ¬†It was only this year, when I was reminiscing with my 90 year-old ¬†dad, that I realized that all those times they said their boats weren’t working they were just trying to move us along!

Image of Quilt Near Pool

Water Colours

When I got a summer job, it was at a city pool — for eleven summers. I’d ride my bike across town to work, starting as a “bag girl”, teaching swimming lessons, becoming a life guard and eventually the manager. ¬†I had a pretty darn good whistle twirl, I’m telling ya! My friend, Patti, and I had the magical “Summer of Grease” and went through countless coins at the concession stand and at least three swim suits a summer from the hours we spent there almost everyday. The quilt above uses a background fabric which looks like the bottom of the pool when you’re swimming laps and the sun is shining. I just love it!

Image of Quick Trip Quilt

Tropical Trip/Quick Trip by Eleanor Burns

As a mom, I always loved when the kids got out of school for summer and never understood why people wanted summer to end and school to begin. I just have a thing for summer, sunshine, warmth, and water, I guess.

So I guess it’s not too surprising that summer shows up often in my quilts. When we get to vacation at the beach, I take my quilts for photographing and my Featherweight for sewing. See Pensacola Dreamin’¬† for more quilting at the beach!

Image of Featherweight Machine with Beach Background

Vintage at the Beach

Image of Bright Potato Chip Quilt

Jacq’s Potato Chip Quilt

I believe there is nothing like water in the background to make a quilt sparkle.

Image of Instant Bargello Quilt

Seaside Dreamin’/Instant Bargello Quilts by Susan Kisro

Do you like to certain projects in the hot summertime? Tell me how you spend your summer stitching time. Comment below.

Some exciting things are happening with Phoebee (click here) and Belle (partially shown here)¬† — stayed tuned!

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Pensacola Dreamin’…Quilt

Check out my Pensacola Beach quilt:

Salty air…

Warm sun on my face…

Featherweight in the condo…

On this¬†chilly day, I’m California Dream…–scratch that–

Penscola Dreamin’!

(Do you hear the music, too? –all the leaves are brown…)

Pensacola Dreamin’

So on another chilly spring day, I am working in my cold house, longing for some summer fun.  Pensacola,

Vintage at the Beach

Florida.¬†¬†Where we’ve lived–TWICE–and love to be.

As you can see in Vintage at the Beach (window pattern by Sue Pritt), I’ve added the icons of Pensacola to my quilt–the beach ball water tower and the¬†awesome Blue Angels! Pensacola is home to the blues and

The Pensacola Beach Ball and the home of the Blue Angels

there’s nothing more fun than watching their beach air show!

My hubby is a former F/A-18 fighter pilot, so the blues hold a special place in our hearts!

And, yes, I take my Singer Featherweight when we go to the beach! It always surprises me that that surprises people because it IS vacation…and the perfect time to do what you love!

Water Colours

There’s also something wonderful about photographing quilts around water and sand.

Seaside Dreamin

It makes them sparkle–

Or maybe it just makes me happy!

Photo by Randy Hamilton of Hamilton Images

I hope some of my dreaming today helps you get warmed up and doing something you love to do!

Seaside Dreamin

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