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These patterns began quite by accident with Phoebee. I knew I needed another element to add to the overall quilt and out of frustration, I tossed her fabric to the top of my work area where part of it turned over. That’s where it all began!Image of Closup of Quilt


It felt right that Phoebee (bright, pure) seemed to get her life and vibrancy from the very flowers she was pollinating. She didn’t have a name at the time but once she was “born”, I began trying out names. My husband actually thought of Phoebee and when I learned it actually was spelled with two “e’s” and meant “bright, pure” in Greek, I knew it was the name for her.

Image of Bee Quilt

Phoebee Quilt Pattern

Another feature of these patterns is the scrappy background and the use of four accent strips. I encourage bold choices for these fabrics, mixing a variety of “neutrals” and styles of fabrics. For example, I use word fabrics, chicken wire, batiks, miniature florals, grunge, polka dots, and Kaffe fabrics all together. In my patterns and classes, I also encourage quilters to make a definite contrast in their background style of fabric compared to their focus fabric.
Image of butterfly quilt

Belle Quilt Pattern

So I began search for lovely fabric backs. I knew I wanted to make a French bee and the next fabric I found was perfect for the delicate flowers at the top. So Belle was created.

Lily finished out the Colorful Wings series of patterns.

Image of dragonfly quilt

Lily Quilt Pattern

In the Colorful Petals series each vase is made with the reverse of the focus fabric while the bouquet and binding are made from the front.  The vases are different sizes and shapes to be proportional to the size and shape of the blooms in the focus fabric, although each can be used with any focus fabric.

Here are the first three patterns in that series, Rose, Emily, and Kate.

Image of Three Quilts

Colorful Petals Quilt Patterns


TEN #usebothsides quilts featured in Hancock’s of Paducah during AQS Quilt Week 2018!

Patterns featured in Nancy’s Notions, Hancock’s of Paducah, and Connecting Threads!


Something’s Brewing

Image of Cauldron Wall Hanging

Something’s Brewing

Image of JOY Quilt

JOY Quilted Wall Hanging Pattern – Focus Fabric Kit available NOW!

Image of Pattern

Pepita Quilt Pattern

Perfect for brewing up some hurly burlies in October! The cauldron, broomstick, and honey buzzard claws are made from a spiderweb fabric and the reverse of that fabric make the steam and bubbles. This background was especially fun because of the bold Halloween prints I could use. Notice that my background is dark on the top half and light on the bottom? It’s all about value, when compared to both sides of your focus fabric!

Sally (read about her here)

Image of Seahorse Quilt

Sally Quilt Pattern – Focus Fabric Kit available NOW!

Image of Flamingo Quilt

Fiona Quilt Pattern – Focus Fabric Kit available NOW!


Image of Lighthouse Quilt

Liberty Quilt Pattern

Image of Grace Quilt Pattern

Grace Quilt Pattern – focus fabric kit available NOW!

Image of Pattern Cover

Angelina Focus Fabric Kit available NOW!

Image of Bunny Quilt

Beatrice Quilt Pattern


Image of Whale Quilt


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New: Sandy (sea turtle) and Jack (buck)!

Image of Sea Turtle Quilt

Sandy Quilt Pattern

Image of Bison Skull Quilt

Tanka Quilt Pattern

Image of Turtle Quilt

Dakota Quilt Pattern

Image of Halloween Quilt

Jacq O’Lantern

Image of Quilt Pattern