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Warning – Controversial Topic Ahead

See my late-winter bear quilt and vinyl project.

The picture you are about to see is likely to produce a strong reaction, for good or for bad–it seems to be a hot topic these days!

You may love it or you may not, but I think snow is magical and lovely and when it falls, I can’t help myself from twirling in it, watching it floating down from heaven.

Where I live, we haven’t had any significant snow this winter and certainly not the required Grass-Covering layer on which to spread out my quilts for a photo shoot!

This  “Let it snow” sign was made using a Brother Scan N Cut on a plaque from Michael’s . The shadow in the bottom corner is the top of my Singer treadle, which faces a north-facing window. When it snows, I sit at the treadle and piece together a scrappy tumbler quilt–which may take a decade to complete at this rate!

There’s another window I’d like to share with you:

Black Bear Jam

This is a McKenna Ryan design/kit I just had to have to commemorate the black bear visit we had in our yard last summer. Click on “It’s a Bear Out There” to see the scratches and markings we found (and bear paw quilt blocks). McKenna’s bear was lighter in color, so I darkened him with a piece of Stonehenge fabric so he’d look more like our buddy. He sported a santa hat by design which I changed out to my favorite color and edged it with the ribbed edge of a wool sweater I  inherited in my late mother-in-law’s fabric stash. I call it Black Bear Jam because we believe he was marking the area next to our crabapple tree. I made my bear-enthusiast neighbors a jar of Black Bear Jam for Christmas out of those crabapples.

Sew… BEAR with me (too many puns?): Let It SNOW!

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One Sweet Retreat

Take a look at our sweet quilt retreat in the woods.

Summer breezes, floating skies, lazy days…butterflies.

One Sweet Retreat

One hunting cabin, twelve ladies, three featherwieghts, one Brother, two Janomes, one New Home, three ScanNCuts, handwork, fabric everywhere, thread, pins, needles, fusible, vinyl and food–what more could a quilter want? A few deer out the window?


Deer on the Bluffs

What seemed to a few like a road to nowhere turned into a swell time for us all!

While some gals worked on machines and some day-trippers brought handwork, many of us worked on final details for the local quilt show which our guild hosts in less than a month: bindings, labels, tops, and some just beginning!

Rosie’s stocking.








The End of the Road

Nearly everyone got some kind of monogram as we were testing our wits against the ScanNCut machines and realizing the possibilities.

A is for Anne with an E

We were busy from dawn to late night.

Nancy’s Tea Quilt

There was laughter and sharing, ideas and planning, world problems solved and lots of food involved! SOMEone, of course, brought some bear scat to scare–but instead it was bear scat to share! It was YUM!

Fresh Bear Scat




Bear Droppings:


2 cups milk chocolate chips

1 Tbsp shortening

1/2 cup raisins

1/2 cup slivered almonds

(You can substitute almonds if you like)

Directions: in a double boiler over simmering water, melt the chocolate chips and shortening until smooth. Remove from heat; stir in raisins and almonds. Drop by tablespoonfuls onto waxed paper. Chill until ready to serve.

My answer to the bear trickery was a bear paw quilt made with Kaffe and Moda Grunge. See “It’s a Bear Out There” for the full bear tale.

My Bear Likes Kaffe


This little getaway was a fun and beautiful way to transition from the heat of the summer to the cooler temps ahead.

Sweet Friends

It was a sweet retreat.



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Tell me about your last retreat!

The Infamous Low Water Bridge






It’s a Bear Out There!

Learn about our bear visit and the quilt  and punch needle embroidery it inspired!

Ever wonder why you can see a certain quilt or pattern over and over and it just does nothing for you? Then, all of a sudden, something happens and you’re thinking, “I’ve got to make that quilt!”.

Our neighborhood has suddenly become a flurry of excitement. We don’t live in the country, really. We certainly don’t live in bear country! I didn’t think so, anyway. But after pondering a these odd markings on our cedar play set, we aren’t so sure anymore.

Bear markings?

Now the neighbors and I are sharing our experiences and findings each day, visiting each other’s yards to look at “evidence”, learning the lingo (did not know what “scat” was before this) and getting to know each other a little better through the clues left by our new guest. The experts won’t say for certain it’s a black bear but they did say it’s either a black bear or a large dog, but they “wouldn’t know why a dog would make these markings”.  So my husband commandeered a GameCam from deer camp and we are just waiting for our friend to return so we can snap his or her picture. The markings are near our crabapple tree so we “experts” are waiting for the fruit to ripen and our bear to be caught–well, red-pawed?


More scratches!

I’ve always wanted to paint a barn quilt. What does this have to do with a possible bear in our yard? Well, my neighbor across the street, Merle, is a quilter, too. After visiting with her, we looked out from her porch and I remarked that a barn quilt would go real well out there on our old shed (which my husband thought we were going to tear down). She agreed. Sometimes it takes my brain a while to fully wrap around an idea. By the next morning, I got it: I should paint a Bear Paw quilt pattern for that shed! Of course, that has me thumbing through my quilt books (which was a task because I had to get past my 7 currents projects to get to the bookshelf). So now, in addition to painting a barn quilt, I MUST make a bear paw quilt, I’ve admired the pattern before-all the rustic, cabin styles with pine trees and all, but I’ve never related to them before. I rarely make a quilt that doesn’t have some special meaning for me or the person getting it.

So here is my first partial block. Of course, my bear likes Kaffe!

Bear Paw by the Pool

While I’m at it, I might as well make a little punch needle bear paw.

Bear Paw Mini Punch Needle

It’s going to take me a bit longer to make that barn quilt—maybe we should get a picture of the guy to make sure he’s not a giant raccoon or something!

You know it makes sense, really. Creative Bee…quilting bee…bees make honey…in a Kevin Bacon kind of way, we really should have a bear living here!

Want a great treat recipe called Bear Droppings? Find it here:  One Sweet Retreat

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