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Cross-over Quilting Tools

Like many of us quilters, space is at a premium, so when I find a tool or machine that has multiple uses, I get excited about it!

Let’s face it, we can’t make everyone a quilt every time we need a gift! That’s why I like to use my Brother Scan N Cut, which I mostly bought for quilting purposes, to also make unique non-quilted  gifts.

Click HERE for a review of  the monogrammed baby quilt I made using a phone app and the Scan N Cut:

Click HERE to see the old Italian proverb made with Scan N Cut in this Italian Row-by-Row quilt.

The Scan N Cut project I’d like to share with you today is one I made for Christmas last year – and it requires a short story…

Each year, we gather at my husband’s family farm before Christmas. We all traipse into the fields and watch as the chosen tree is cut down. The (now grown) grand-kids decorate the tree while the older grown-ups visit. Before opening gifts and eating, everyone gathers around the very long dining table while our mother-in-law leads us on the piano in Christmas carols. It’s sounds all cozy and Hallmark-y, right?

Then comes the finale, “The Twelve Days of Christmas”! Except for two assigned parts, we all do the motions for each of the days. The assigned parts? The three brothers are “Lords a Leapin'” for which they do what is supposed to be a leaping type of movement (they take this role very seriously) and any new boyfriend or girlfriend brought to the party is the “goose” for “Geese a Layin'”. This involves squatting, twisting, and flapping movements.

Image of Kiefner Brothers Leaping

Fabulous Photo by Black Kiefner

Now, there is a year-long push for new geese–so each single grandchild has a bit of pressure to find a goose to bring for Christmas! Both of our daughters will say their geese have been somewhat traumatized by Kiefner Christmas!

What does this have to do with Scan N Cut? I came up with this gift idea last year using vinyl and paint on glass in a barn wood frame. The painting was very easy, just dabbing layers of green and white in the general shape of a tree (the only tricky part was that the paint is on the back of the glass so you want to paint the foreground first). Placing the letters was easy once I figured out to use a rotary mat under my glass to line everything up.  I ended up making a few variations for other families and I think they were all well-received. Image of Hanging Picture

If you’ve wondered about using a Scan N Cut for quilting, this would be a great time of year to check them out – dealers are having sales and you need something to put on your wish list, right? (I have no affiliation with Brother or any dealers, I just like to share with you the things I like!)

Check out these Christmas items in my Etsy Shop (Click Here).Image of Poinsettia Quilt

Image of JOY QuiltImage of Blue Christmas Tree Quilt

Behold, the virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

Warning – Controversial Topic Ahead

See my late-winter bear quilt and vinyl project.

The picture you are about to see is likely to produce a strong reaction, for good or for bad–it seems to be a hot topic these days!

You may love it or you may not, but I think snow is magical and lovely and when it falls, I can’t help myself from twirling in it, watching it floating down from heaven.

Where I live, we haven’t had any significant snow this winter and certainly not the required Grass-Covering layer on which to spread out my quilts for a photo shoot!

This  “Let it snow” sign was made using a Brother Scan N Cut on a plaque from Michael’s . The shadow in the bottom corner is the top of my Singer treadle, which faces a north-facing window. When it snows, I sit at the treadle and piece together a scrappy tumbler quilt–which may take a decade to complete at this rate!

There’s another window I’d like to share with you:

Black Bear Jam

This is a McKenna Ryan design/kit I just had to have to commemorate the black bear visit we had in our yard last summer. Click on “It’s a Bear Out There” to see the scratches and markings we found (and bear paw quilt blocks). McKenna’s bear was lighter in color, so I darkened him with a piece of Stonehenge fabric so he’d look more like our buddy. He sported a santa hat by design which I changed out to my favorite color and edged it with the ribbed edge of a wool sweater I  inherited in my late mother-in-law’s fabric stash. I call it Black Bear Jam because we believe he was marking the area next to our crabapple tree. I made my bear-enthusiast neighbors a jar of Black Bear Jam for Christmas out of those crabapples.

Sew… BEAR with me (too many puns?): Let It SNOW!

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