The Quilting Bee – Long-arm Designs by Karla

I specialize in stylized, free-hand and custom long-arm quilting services with a variety of designs and price ranges.

Personalize your quilts with an embroidered label or add embroidered or fusible monograms or names to your quilts using your fabric to easily personalize your quilt (or its matching pillowcase). Need a really quick gift? Let me personalize a bag, apron, mug, water bottle, or shirt with embroidery or vinyl sayings or images – great for baby gifts, weddings, graduations or holidays when there’s not time to make a quilt!

Long-Arm Pricing (subject to change):

Pricing is determined by the style, density, and complexity of the designs and the size of the quilt in square inches.
To determine the base price for your quilt, simply multiply the length by the width of your quilt top; then multiply that number by the cost of your desired quilting.
Ex: 63 x 87 = 5481 sq. in.
5481 x .015 = $82.22
Simple, edge-to-edge loops: $.015/sq. in.
Simple, all-over with separate borders and stitch in ditch: $.017/sq. in.
All-over artistic design:
$.018/sq. in.
Custom/minimal density: $.02/sq. in.
Custom/medium density $.028/sq. in.
Custom/compact density: $.035/sq. in. min.

Quilt Prep Required:


√ 6 inches longer and wider than the quilt top (to allow 3 inches on all sides).
√ squared
√ pressed

Quilt top: √pressed

Batting:  6 inches longer and wider than top.

Long-Arm Add-ons:
Embroidered Label: starting at $10
Embroidered Monogram/Name: starting at $10
Fusible Monogram or Name: starting at $10
Custom shirts, bags, or other items: call me with/for details.
Other charges and details:
Square and trim backing or batting: $10
Pressing Charge: $20
Prep backing: $20/minimum
Thread Fee: $5/cone minimum
Minimum fee for quilting: $50
*To sew provided binding by machine: $.05/linear inch.
*To sew provided binding by machine and hand turn: $.20/linear inch.

of one focus fabric on a scrappy background in my new patterns! Available at
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How to Prep Your Quilt for a Long-Arm Quilter in Three Easy Steps:

1)   Press Press (1) your quilt top AND (2) backing fabric well. This will make your next steps easier and may save you money if it keeps your quilter from spending time pressing out an unruly backing.

2)   Square Square up your backing fabric. I recommend making a tiny snip in the fabric and tearing it but you can use a rotary, mat, and ruler as well. This is important because the fabric will be attached to parallel poles so if the backing isn’t square, there may be loose areas and folds.

3)   Trim Trim your (1) backing and (2) batting to be six inches longer and wider than your quilt top.


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